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Brianna Roberts
Born in Massachusetts
29 days
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                               To my sweet little Brianna,

I want to tell you how sorry I am that you had to leave this world....I'm so sorry you didn't have the chance to meet your grandma and your grandpa...I wish you could have meet your great-grandma and great auntie and your cuz Jessica...I'm so sorry that I will never be able to hear your first words and she you take your first steps...

I'm sorry that I will never be able to hold you when you had your first heart break or see you sing or dance.... I'm so sorry that I had to lose you when I did... I wish I could get you back... Back into my arms that long for you to be there... I'm so sorry that I will never hear you cry again or look up at me a smile when you are in your little back... I'm so sorry that we will not be able to watch our soaps together.. I miss you a great deal my little gnome I wish you where here with me right now....Just know that mommy loves you very much and thinks about you every second of every day.... Also know that know one will ever fill your tiny little shoes... You are my first and that will never change.... I love you my sweet daughter and I will never stop.....


                                      Love you forever my little gnome,









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You will live forever in our memories and hearts. My little Brianna was perfect in every single way and she will always be loved from this day on... We waited for her for so long only to have her ripped from us such a short while of her being here... She is very missed and now is up in heaven with her great-grandpa and a very speical friend that I know are keeping a very good eye on her... She is also  with her uncle which is my twin brother that I never had a chance to meet...They are all looking down upon me watching me closely... My sweet little angel my sweet little gnome Mommy and Daddy want you to know that we love you very much and miss you more as the days past by.... Each and everyday that pastes with out you gets harder and harder.... Mommy and Daddy misses you so very much...You will never be forgotten you are will always remain in our hearts....Mommy loves you very much my little gnome....I want you to be good for great - grandpa.... My heart aches everyday that we are apart....I love you so much and I want you to know that you are always on my mind... There is never a day that I don't think of you..... So my sweet little gnome sleep in papa's arms and some day I will be able to hold you once more my sweet heart..... I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BRIANNA, MY SWEET LITTLE GNOME!!!! 
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                     A Mother's Cry
Brianna your eyes, your smile,your smell, and your
perfect little self;
Was like a touch of gray closing in exciting our lives
before yours even began;
It feels like just yesterday I saw your first smile;
Now I am only hearing the echos of you crying;
God knew my thoughts and my fears and he knew
I was scared;
He is watching me shed my tears ;
God took you with him upstairs and knows you are in
good hands;
Please remember that we will always love you ;
You are in our dreams day after day slowly removing
that touch of gray;
One day I will be able to say that is my little girl,
my ray of sun shine that went away ;
Then when I least expect it I will hear you say ,
" Mommy and Daddy put those tears away ,
There is another little specail person on the way and they will be here to stay!"......
                                                                 - Auntie Cathy-


A Mother's Tears

You came to us when we called for u ;

But as fast as u came the faster u left us;

My heart bleeds now that u are not her;

But I still here the echos of ur crys;

It makes tears run down my eyes;

Up away u flew to heaven

Because thats what u had to do;

My angel forever 29 days old;

I look up towards the sky;

I ask the question WHY?;

WHy did u have to leave us ;

Why did u go?;

Why where u taken away?;

I just wish I had the chance to say;

How u meant the world to me;

How much I loved u;

I wish I could hold u in my arms;

Even if only for a moment;

Now my heart is starting to grow cold;

Without u there is is empty place in my heart;

Because I loved u from the start;

Never to be forgotten;

A Pain that I have never felt ;

Its worst then a knife in my heart;

Nothing shall ever make us part;

Fly away angel ;

But in my heart u shall stay ;

Forever till the day;

I am able to hold u in my arms once more;

In my heart u shall stay;

Locked away;

Safe and sound;

Sleep well my lil gnome;



Latest Memories
Marianne F. Welch GrandMother April 21, 2012
My Little pumpkin 2 my little angel, I never saw you  but the day you passed on Thanksgiving day 5 yrs ago , I was going to see you for the 1st time. but I didn't. Tears fall!  I know deep down when it is my turn to go, I will hold you then  now your in heaven with my father your great grandpa and he is watching you , your one of his girls and I know he taking good care of you. till I come and hold you in my arms.... Your mommy and daddy are ok  and now you have a little brother Kevin, he will be 1 yrs old April 23,  2012. Your not forgotten  your always in our hearts. Brianna Marie   ALWAYS AND FOREVER TILL I WILL COME TO BE WITH YOU!!!! LOVE your GrandMother Marianne
Michelle M. Roberts
My sweet angel I can remember the times we would watch soaps together... I remember when you looked up at me and smiled for the first times... I remember holding you in my arms.. I can remember the feelings of never wanting to let you go or put you down I always wanted you in my arms... Know my arms are bare and it hurts so very much... I remember giving you baths and always being worried about you... I can remember your sweet little face and the smell of you ... I can still hear you crying wanting to be fed or changed... I love you so very much and it hurts that you are not here with daddy and me.... I will always remember you my little gnome.... Because forever you will be our little girl.... I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE GNOME FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!-MOMMY-

Latest Condolences
nani marianne I am miss you July 5, 2015
To my 1st granddaughter Brianna , 
hi sweetheart I never got to hold you or see you tears but it does't mean I did not love you , I DO Very Much. I think of you every moment of each day. I know deep down I will hold you again when we meet ! Till then I love you Brianna tears lots of them.

Till We Meet ,

Love You,

Nani Marianne xxoo  
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Debbie/Joseph DeMatthews Mom Sweet Angel Brianna & Family ur in my prayers March 15, 2012
Roland (Heartbeat) September 28, 2010

gnome.gif gnome image by BunnyClyde

Thump, Thump

Pitter, Pat

The drumming of life's this and that

Heart felt, Heart sweet

Sweetdreams, Heartbeat

Precious music to my ears

Thought's of you to still my fears

Treasured hopes, forever bright

These are things that I hold dear

As my heart beats, your always near

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens thinkin of you June 14, 2009


May the memories held deep within your heart

help to soothe you....Have a beautiful night in

Heaven! ~GOD BLESS~

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